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Colon hydrotherapy is a method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs. By introducing filtered water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis. The process is repeated a few times during a session.

More About Colon Hydrotherapy:

Colon hydrotherapy is a process where the colon is cleansed of toxic build up of impacted and putrefactive fecal matter through a gentle flow of warm, purified water. Most people who eat a modern civilized diet consisting of fast food, fatty foods, caffeine, high sugar foods, chemically treated, preserved or processed foods may benefit from colon hydrotherapy. The colon hydrotherapy process can relieve years of build up inside the colon. By eliminating these years of build up waste and toxins, we are establishing health in your colon which is a powerful step in establishing a healthier you

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Why Should I Be Concerned About My Colon?

The colon has been referred to as the sewer system of the body. It is the place where we store the waste material that most of us would rather not thinking about. Health colons absorb water and produce Vitamins B & K. Healthy digestive tracts help support a healthy immune system.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

The number of colon hydrotherapy sessions desired will depend on the individual. Ever person’s goals will differ. Just as some people exercise on a daily or weekly basis to tone and tighten our outer body, some people also have their own ongoing cleansing, toning and rebuilding regimen for their inner body. Colon hydrotherapy could be used as part of any regular maintenance program.

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What Is A Colon Hydrotherapy Session Like?

Sessions are a very comfortable, therapeutic experience for most people; however, if discomfort is experienced, the session can be stopped at any time. Our clinic rooms are peaceful and provide space for a better well being.

Sanitation Policy

Our modern colon irrigation equipment is manufactured following strict federal compliance guidelines that ensure rigorous accountability. Disposable single-use rectal tubes and speculae are used then disposed of immediately after each individual session. Your Inner Health staff upholds the highest sanitation and safety standards ensuring that the facility is immaculate and safe at all times.

Same Day Appointments are Available on a first come basis.

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